The Early Doors story and range with tasting notes

Early Doors: is a tribute to the hard-working people who built this great country. It comes from a time when the alcohol licensing laws limited pubs opening for lunchtime and evening trade; and is a well-known phrase for the time the pubs first opened their doors in the early evening.

After a hard day’s work, people would call in a pub on their way home for a rewarding and refreshing pint of traditional British craft ale. Here are our Early Doors range of ales. They are all lovingly hand crafted at our Micro Brewery and we hope you find an ale or possibly more than one that you like.

Navigation: Pale Ale ABV 4.0%

This brew recognises the intense manual labour required on major civil engineering projects in the days before heavy machinery. The term was coined in the late 18th century in Great Britain when numerous canals were built, known as “Navigations.” These people were called Navigators which is often shortened to Navvy.

Tasting notes: A classic 4.0% Pale ale; brewed using premium base malts with an intricate blend of hops including Nugget and Styrian Bobek giving a sophisticated citrus/hoppy aroma. A great malty taste always leaving you wanting more.

Engineer: Strong Ruby Ale ABV 5.0%

Engineering in all its forms creates the world as we know it today, from young apprentice to an accomplished engineer. This strong beer is dedicated to all engineers when something powerful is needed to help the thought and imagination processes.

Tasting Notes: A beautiful 5.0% ruby ale, smooth malty, mature almost oaky taste with a long finish, and a chocolate aroma. Uses Marris Otter as a base along with other speciality malts; then triple hopped with Northdown and two stage EKG.

Bonus: Golden Ale ABV 3.8%

Behind every great achievement in work and life there are teams of professionals that through hard work and going the extra mile deserve a bonus. In this case it is our Bonus golden ale made from the very best organically grown malt, barley and hops money can buy, so brewed to give that extra special rich rewarding taste.

Tasting Notes: Bonus a 3.8% golden ale, the distinguished malt base gives it a beautiful regal colour, while the triple hopping gives a citrus taste and a pleasant herbal aroma.

Apprentice: Session Pale Ale ABV 3.9%

This session beer has been brewed to celebrate all those who started their careers as an apprentice and the tradesmen who handed down their skills and knowledge. We added extra hops to represent that every day we are always learning.

Tasting Notes:  A truly beautiful 3.9% session ale, quadruple hopped. A real favourite with those who like ales with a prominent citrus flavour. Some say it has a hint of freshly mown grass.

WT Sparky: Malty Amber Ale ABV 3.8%

Electricity is the life blood of modern society. “Sparky” is a term of endearment commonly used for those involved with electrical design and installation. WT stands for the late William Tonkin the father of one of our directors who was an Electrical Engineer, and this is the style of beer he loved to drink.

Tasting Notes: Premium quality 3.8% malty bitter with a dark amber colour and nutty richness derived from a complex blend of five malts then East Kent Golding and Bobeck hops during the boil, resulting in a clean very moreish taste.

Blacksmith: Milk Stout ABV 5.6%

Can there be a more evocative mental image of the hard-working person than the Blacksmith or Smithy? The need to replace calories lost through long, hot working days during the middle ages was done by drinking beer as in those days water was often poisonous. Our Milk Stout uses traditional dark roasted barley malt, with a hint of influence from Low Alpha Acid hops.

Tasting Notes: A creamy decadent 5.6% ABV Milk Stout. Brewed with dark malts which bring out the cocoa and vanilla flavours with hints of caramel and nut. It has a rich creamy tanned head with beautiful aromas, the hint of a bitter finish adds to this extremely pleasurable drinking experience.

Riveter: Strong Copper Ale ABV 4.5%

Rosie the Riveter was an American cultural icon of World War II. Rosie representing the women who worked in factories and shipyards, while keeping family and home running. Images of women workers were widespread in countries such as Britain and Australia encouraging women to volunteer for service to support the war effort.

Tasting Notes: A beautiful 4.5% Copper Ale, a rich malty blend of caramel taste and subtle coffee finish. The base malt is combined with three speciality malts and mashed at a slightly higher temperature to extract even more sugars; then triple hopped in three stages during the boil with East Kent Golding.